NOTICE : The IRLP system 6063 is on air again


I am located in Bendigo Central Victoria, Australia

As per most of my projects this web site will be an ongoing process for a rather long time and will probably go thru many transitions,

Some of the things I may cover, are my growing interest in ATV (Amateur Television Transmission), and this will be from the very novice side of things.

IRLP, PSK, SSTV and what ever else may take my interest in this wonderful hobby as I try to put something of interest into this space.

I will also give you some information in my adventure into RC Yacht Building and sailing.

I am the custodian of IRLP NODE 6063 which is located in Bendigo and attached to the VK3RBO Amateur UHF repeater on 438.025 Mhz with -shift. With a large coverage area around Bendigo and district.

Also AllStar Node 44099 which is Simplex on 145.375 Mhz with 91.5 Tone Access. It has reasonable coverage around Bendigo's northern suburbs.