VK3EWelcome to the information on my

AllStar Node 44099

145.375 Mhz simplex with a 91.5 CTCSS tone

required on the input

Limited Coverage around Bendigo at present

untill I fix the antenna on top of my tower.

Click for Link Status of my Node

The node is generally connected to VK4TUB, node 46740 in TOWNSVILLE, QLD

which in turn is connected to there 70cm Repeater.

click for complete node list

then ctrl + F to enter a search.

Feel free to disconnect the node and put it on any node you wish.

Put out a call you may be surprised at who may answer.

You can connect to multiple NODES at once

If you try to connect to a node that will create a ring the system should not do the connection

DTMF Function List

Allstar Link Node 44099 -- VK3EME

Bendigo Victoria, Australia

*1 => Disconnect Link ( eg. *146740 )

*3 => Link Connect ( eg. *346740 )

*70 => will play the Link Status

*76 => Disconnect all Links to this node

*81 => Time